find_algorithms lists or queries all QGIS algorithms which can be accessed via the QGIS Python API.

find_algorithms(search_term = NULL, name_only = FALSE,
  qgis_env = set_env())



If (NULL), the default, all available functions will be returned. If search_term is a character, all available functions will be queried accordingly. The character string might also contain a regular expression (see examples).


If TRUE, the function returns only the name(s) of the found algorithms. Otherwise, a short function description will be returned as well (default).


Environment settings containing all the paths to run the QGIS API. For more information, refer to set_env().


The function returns QGIS function names and short descriptions as an R character vector.


Function find_algorithms simply calls processing.alglist using Python.


not_run({ # list all available QGIS algorithms on your system algs <- find_algorithms() algs[1:15] # find a function which adds coordinates find_algorithms(search_term = "add") # find only QGIS functions find_algorithms(search_term = "qgis:") # find QGIS and SAGA functions related to centroid computations find_algorithms(search_term = "centroid.+(qgis:|saga:)") })